USA Team Message To The Public

"I think some of the comments and criticism directed at this year's Team USA is out of line and completely unmerited. I can speak from experience that the USA Team previously has had no structure or program. We are expected to just jump in together once a year and mesh like an experienced team. That is something the Europeans have had these past five years with the same coach, Johan, whom I respect tremendously. Any of the Europeans are open to say ,without hesitation, that he has been a key element in their success. The Europeans all came from strong junior and government supported programs, so it is not a far leap when they join team play as a professional. The American players have no such support system or even help to play in international or World Championship events. I've coached professional players for several years now with great successes, and I know there is more to getting the best out of a player other than sharing a meal together. Meanwhile,  this year the entire USA team laid foundations for future USA Mosconi Teams.  Each man contributed and followed the systems. We were working together weeks before the event, which was a first. And during the days leading up to the event and of course during, the players woke up at 7:00am and prepared properly as a team and even after the daily matches followed up as a team. Mike was the young fire that kept the energy up, Shawn was the master of special shots that was key in crucial match wins, Rodney was the spirit of the team keeping our hopes high, Shane was the anchor and steel we could rely on, and Johnny was the leader and legend I could depend on. I could not ask for any more than what each man gave. The chemistry was incredible and the spirit on a high level even to the very end. Everyman on our team knew that if even this time if we won a couple key matches , that we could have very well won the Mosconi Cup. And I feel confident that if I had the same exact team again, the program and chemistry would be exponentially stronger and we would be highly successful." - Charlie Williams, Captain of the 2011 USA Team, Professional Coach, and 5x Mosconi Cup USA Member
"How would you like to play the whole year to get ranked in the top 5, then at the end of the year you get 2nd in the US Open and also your ranked #2 in the United States, only to be told that you are not good enough to be representing your country because of an opinion of one promoter. And I like to add that Charlie Williams put more heart into the Captains position than any captain in previous years ! Think about those things the next time someone publicly bashes Team America ! "- Shawn Putnam Proud Member of Team USA and US Open Finalist.
"I was proud to represent America and play with my teammates this past Mosconi Cup.  We had a great team and played our hearts out.  As a patriot, I would have stepped down and handed my ticket to someone else if I didn't feel I deserved a spot.  The USA has hundreds of pool players that would love to participate in the Mosconi Cup.  Matchroom Sports did our nation and the sport a great service by instituting a much needed points structure which allowed all players an equal opportunity to qualify for the event.  I would like to thank Matchroom Sports for giving a young player like myself the opportunity to play in such a great event and explaining in advance what goals I needed to set for myself to qualify. " - Mike Dechaine, Ultimate 10-Ball Champion and 2011 Mosconi USA  Rookie
"I think anyone who has never earned their way onto the Mosconi Cup Team, let alone anyone who has never played professional pool for a living, should not be talking about something to the media that they have no clue about. And captain or no captain, we all know how to play pool. These are the greatest players in the USA, it's not like we are going to go out and forget how to win or make a ball. Meanwhile, Charlie did a thousand times more than any previous captain before him." - Rodney "Rocket" Morris , US Open Champion, World Cup Champion, and 8x Mosconi Cup USA Team Member .

"I want to say that it was a pleasure playing on this team and also having Charlie as my captain. I really did enjoy the togetherness as a team. I was really pleasantly surprised at how well we all clicked with each other. Every man did his part. Thanks to each of them who have become even better friends",  - Johnny Archer , US Open Champion, World Champion, 15x Mosconi Cup USA Team Member and BCA Hall of Famer