USPPA Pro Am Classic Underway

Close to 200 Players kicked off the USPPA Pro Am at the Sands Regency in Reno, Nevada this week. The handicap formula predominantly used in California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington, continues to be the backbone of this association now in expansion. Now, with close to 40 consecutive events over the last 20 years held in June and December at the Sands, the USPPA Pro Am Classic continues to be a very lucrative warm-up event for the equally successful Reno Open.

The action was fast and furious the 1st day. This event, often dominated by the high handicaps saw a number of perennial high finishers relegated to the losers side in there 1st or 2nd match.

The ever popular Michelle Rakin, upcoming star on the various women's circuits was defeated by Adrian Daff in the 3:30 matches, unable to overcome the 4 game handicap her 107 rating deemed necessary to level the playing field with Daff's 47 rating.

Earlier, in the 11:00 am round USPPA veteran Jason Williams, raised to a 125 rating for this event was defeated by Rick Wallage, 94 rating. Williams was unable to navigate around the 1 game handicap, (race to 8), despite possessing a top 5 winning percentage over the last 3 years system wide.

In the 12:30 round, the highest handicap in the event, Warren Costanzo, aka Monk fell to Arnold Egipto, (rating 70) 8 to 1. The handicap of 4 games, was to much this trip for Monk, (159 rating) to carry.

Jeff Gregory (109) and Randy Cady(111) to of our strongest plus 100 players are on a tear. Dick Cady, owner of Fast Eddy's in Capitola and long term operator of weekly and regional USPPA events always brings a group from Capitola ready to play and this event was no exception. Hat's off to Dick for being such a good pool supporter and we look forward to his upcoming Pechauer Event.

Tony Annigoni,(150) USPPA Managing Partner, lost his second match in a Hill/Hill heartbreaker to John Hayes (37) Having overcome the 5 game handicap, Annigoni appeared to be moving on when Hayes, trailing 7/6, popped a 4-9 combo and calmly broke the 9 in the left hand corner to take the Hill.

With over $23,000 in Purse and $8000 in bonus available you can rest assure everyone involved will be taking dead aim today.