Ussery goes undefeated on Great Southern Billiard Tour stop

Shannon Daulton, BJ Ussery, Ron Park, Jimmie Bullis (owner of Speak Eazy Billiards)

B.J. Ussery, seemingly on a break from facing Michael Fuller on the Jacoby Custom Cue Carolina Tour, went undefeated on a Great Southern Billiard Tour stop on the weekend of July 16-17. Ussery was among 47 entrants who signed on to the $1,500-added amateur event, hosted by Speak Eazy Billiards in Sanford, NC.

From among the winners' side final four, Ussery got into the hot seat with, first, an 11-3 victory over Sidney Champion. Joey Mastermaker, in the meantime, was facing Ussery's eventual finals opponent , Ron Park. He'd send Park west 7-4 to face Ussery. Ussery prevailed to gain the hot seat 11-2, and waited for Park to come back.

First up for Park in his three-match march back to the finals was Carlos Cruz, who'd gotten by Travis Ethridge 7-4 and Danny Mastermaker 7-3. Champion squared off against Paul Peterson, who'd defeated Tommy Cook 7-4 and Dylan Letchworth 7-6. Peterson downed Champion 7-5, as Park finished Cruz' day 9-3.

Park eliminated Peterson in the quarterfinals 9-2, and then, repeated that score to defeat Joey Mastermaker in the semifinals. In spite of the 18-4 momentum he'd gained in his last two matches, Park couldn't get a lot of traction in the finals that followed. Ussery took command and concluded his undefeated weekend with an 11-2 victory.

Tour director Shannon Daulton thanked the owners and staff of Speak Eazy Billiards, as well as sponsors Andy Gilbert Custom Cues, Nick Varner Cues and Cases, Mike Davis Exterminating, Tiger Products, and Delta-13 Racks. The Great Southern Billiard Tour will shift its base of operations to Bristol, TN next week (July 23-24), when it visits Janet Atwell's pool room, Borderline Billiards.