Van Boening and Barretta Highlight North American World Games Contingent

The list of North American representatives for the 2022 World Games has now been finalized and a team of six players will represent the continent. 

On the Men’s side, Shane van Boening and Tyler Styer will represent the USA, while John Morra will represent Canada. Van Boening and Styer earned their positions on the list as the top two American players on the BCA Points List.

On the Ladies side, Jennifer Barretta and Monica Webb will represent the USA, and Brittany Bryant will represent Canada. Barretta and Webb were the top two American players on the WPBA points list and Bryant was the top Canadian on that same WPBA points list. 

The 2022 World Games will take place from July 7th – July 17th in Birmingham, Alabama. Competition will take place in 9-Ball, Snooker and 3 Cushion with players representing various countries throughout the world. 

The World Games were last contested in 2017 in Wroclaw Poland with Carlo Biado and Siming Chen winning 9-Ball Gold Medals. Daniel Sanchez won 3 Cushion Gold and Kyren Wilson too Snooker Gold.