Van Boening Shoots For Three-Peat at Simonis/Aramith U.S. Open

We are down to the final four players at the Aramith/Simonis U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships. On the one-Loss side of the charts we will have a showdown between Mike Dechaine and Dennis Orcollo, a replay of a match from Friday when the two cueists had a fairly heated exchange about the racking process as Orcolllo objected to Dechaine touching the balls in the rack with his fingers to tighten the rack. This objection was overruled as it was announced at the players meeting that you could touch the balls until the rack was removed from the table. Orcollo won that contest 11-8 but this is a new day and Dechaine is not one to allow that outcome to create any doubt or hesitancy.

Dechaine got to this point by taking out Thorsten Hohmann (11-8), Justin Hall (11-9) and then Francisco Bustamante (11-10) after Bustamante had opened up with a five-game lead. Dennis Orcollo finds himself here after being sent left by Shane Van Boening 11-5. He only had to fade a single match on the one-loss side and he handled Warren Kiamco easily 11-4.

Our two players who have yet to be defeated by anyone are Nikos Ekonomopoulos of Greece and Shane Van Boening. In his last few matches Ekonomopoulos has beaten Corey Deuel 11-10, Warren Kiamco 11-10 and Francisco Bustamante 11-6. Van Boening yesterday took down Karl Boyes 11-6, and Dennis Orcollo 11-5.

Our matches begin today at 1 PM and may be viewed live on Accu-Stats. AZBilliards would like to thank Barry Behrman and his entire staff for their priceless assistance this week and for organizing the strongest field of players we have seen in many years. The new limited field format has proven to be of great value as we had nothing but great match-ups all week long.