Van Boening sits atop AzB Player Rankings

Shane Van Boening

After a second place finish at the World Summit of Pool, Shane Van Boening is once again the top player in our AzB Player Ranking list. World Summit of Pool winner Alex Pagulayan climbed from 8th place last week to 3rd place this week with Efren Reyes sitting between the two players in 2nd place.

Austin Murphy's 9th place finish at the World Summit earned him a 5th place position, 272 spots up from his 277th place position last week.

The top female player this week is Xiao-Ting Pan in 9th place, just one spot above Jeanette Lee who held her 10th place position from last week.

A 5th place finish at the World Summit of Pool gave Lee Chenman the distinction of being the player who climbed the most spots to make the top 50 as he went from 942nd place last week to 21st place this week. The 2nd highest climber was Lee Heuwagen who finished in 7th place at the World Summit and climbed 689 spots to 25th place.

The AzB Player Rankings are based completely on website user's interest in a player on a week to week basis. Rankings are updated every Monday evening.