Van Boening Wins Reno Open

Shane Van Boening

Shane Van Boening added one more title to his resume and bid to conquer the billiards world this week at the Reno Open.

Van Boening started out the event on fire, but stumbled in a 9-5 loss to Johnny Archer.

With the win over Van Boening, Archer became the man to beat. And that proved to be a tough task for anyone to pull off. Archer had wins over Billy Palmer, Van Boening and Carl Wilson leading up to the match for the hot-seat. In that match, Archer sent Mark Tadd to the one loss side.

On the one loss side, Van Boening eliminated Jose Parica, Justin Bergman, young Chuckie Holyoke, Canadian Edwin Montal and Tadd to earn another shot at Archer in the finals. The 3rd place finish for Tadd appears to be a sign that the Mark Tadd of old is pretty close to returning.

The first set of the double elimination finals saw Van Boening earn a close 9-7 win, but the second set was all Van Boening as she scored a 9-3 win for the title.

Van Boening earned $15,000 for first place, while Archer settled for $7,500. Van Boening's $15,000 payday was enough to put him back on top of the AzB Money List for 2007.