Van den Berg Takes Out Majid

Nick van den Berg (NED) Foto: LB

Beassy™ 8-Ball World's Top Gun has started today

Tuesday, 04 October 2011: Nick van den Berg (NED) won his first match in the winner's bracket, sending Imran Majid (GBR) to the one-loss side with 8:7.

In the early stage it looked as if van den Berg was handing a doughnut to Majid. After the first 40 minutes into the match, the score was 5:0 in favour of van den Berg. With alternate break in 8-ball in a race to 8 racks, it seemed like a mission impossible for Majid to ever come back into the match. But he came up with a remarkable comeback. He was able to tie the score at 6:6 by running out after a safety shot battle and the pressure was on for van den Berg. Both players went for a time-out and came back, ready to shoot it out. Van den Berg broke but came up dry. Majid went to the table and ran out of position after having pocketed three balls. He had to play the next shot as a kick shot but missed it by quite a bit. That brought van den Berg back to the table. He ran all balls and went on the hill, making the score 7:6. Majid's break was coming up next. He broke the balls and the 10-ball went down. He had a very complicated layout before him but pocketed ball after ball, including some really tough shots. He found himself on the 8-ball and had to call it over another ball. He took his time for the shot and went for it and played it perfectly. 7:7 was shown on the scoreboard. Then van den Berg had the final break shot. He broke, pocketed a ball and never let Majid back to the table, winning the match with 8:7 and sending Majid to the one-loss side of the flowchart.

The Beassy™ 8-Ball World's Top Gun tournament is the third part of the Beassy™ Billiard Festival week in Hotel Eger & Park in Eger, Hungary. 80 players from all over Europe are competing for a total prize fund of 30.800,- €. The format is double elimination until the final 32 players, then single elimination.

The 8-ball event is played until 16:30 local time today. Then, the semi-finals and final match from the 9-ball event will be played. During the whole time, there is free access to LiveStream over the Beassy™ website at

The Beassy™ events are hosted by Beassy™ Ltd. and organized by International Billiard Promotion (IBP). For further information and reference please go to the event website or contact our press office.