Venom Draws Eyes by the Millions

Florian Kholer, better none as Venom, has teamed up with the fun crowd at Dude Perfect and they released a video on December 26th which has already been seen more than 6,000,000 times on YouTube and Facebook. You may also view it on the main page of AZBilliards.

How is it that this single video draws so many viewers when most video about pool garners viewership in the low thousands? Well, take a look at it and see first that it is a whole lot of fun. Venom comes with his usual miracles and never takes it very seriously. He is mostly seen laughing with the boys at the crazy shots they set up and combine with basketball, golf and even skeet shooting. The video also does not take a lot of time to watch. Every scene is vital to the content and there is no wasted air time. So it is easy and fun to watch.

There is a valuable lesson there. Pool can draw millions of viewers in very short order when it is fun to watch.