Viffer wins Louie Roberts Award in a landslide

David Peat

After the votes had been tallied, David “Dippy Dave” Peat dominated in winning the 2011 “St. Louie” Louie Roberts Action and Entertainment Award at the Derby City Classic (DCC). In a world where there's often more woof than bite, Dippy Dave's action was all the talk during the weeks leading up to the DCC. Peat did not disappoint as he continued his heralded Tour de Force to and through the DCC action rooms.

Also known as “Viffer” in the poker circles, this highly entertaining poker pro was in constant action throughout the grueling grind that is the Derby City Classic drawing spectators to standing-room only. And if he wasn't in action, crowds of woofing hopefuls could always be seen around him trying to get a piece of his next game. Usually playing one pocket and getting huge spots, Dippy Dave would play mostly top tier champions who he deemed “qualified” to try to outrun the nuts for the large amounts he would bet. The list of champions included Corey Deuel, Gabe Owen, Cliff Joyner and John Drew Hagar.

Winning the award by a rout, Peat was named on over 95% of the votes received. Chris Gentile was a distant second. With the award, Dippy Dave will be granted free tournament entry and hotel accommodations at the DCC for life. He joins the exclusive list of past winners and will be added to the Louie Roberts Action and Entertainment Champions banner in the Derby City Classic tournament room.