Vigma Balls are Official Balls of 2008 Pool & Carom Week in Korea

Seoul, Korea-  Dragon Promotions is pleased to announce Vigma Balls as the Official Balls of XTM and MBC ESPN Billiards Week in Korea. Included in these events are The 2008 Empress Cup along with 2008 3 Cushion Korea vs Europe and Korea vs World Women's Team 3-Cushion Championship.  Vigma Balls has been in the pool industry the past ten years and established themselves as one of the premier balls in the industry. Vigma makes carom balls as well as pocket billiard balls, and will provide both for the seven televised events in Korea for MBC ESPN, XTM,and XPORTS networks.

"Vigma was the Official Balls used in the 2005 Seoul Open and 2008 King of Carom events in Korea. The players enjoyed the playability of their products and we look forward to using them more in future events." said Cindy Lee, CEO of Dragon Promotions.
The televised events include a myriad of competitions including Showdown in Seoul 9-Ball and 3 Cushion, Korea vs Europe 3-Cushion, Women's 3 Cushion Korea  vs The World, Empress Cup 9-Ball, Women's Ultimate Trickshot Challenge, and Korea vs Japan 9-Ball. Events will include marquee names such as World 3 Cushion Champion Semih Sayginer (TUR), World Trickshot Champion Stefano Palinga (ITL), Korea Pro Tour Champion Yu Ram Cha (KOR), and former #1 Jeanette Lee (USA). Other top talents appearing are 8x Japan National Champion Akimi Kajitani (JPN), 2007 Trickshot Runner-up Shanelle Loraine(GUA), Korea #2 Eun Ji Park, Korea #1 3 Cushion Champion Su Ha Park, and Turkish 9-Ball Champion Neslihan Gurel. All together the events will yield over 20 hours of primetime network programs with 40 million viewers over the next sixty days.

"We are excited to be a part of these special events with such great world champions like Jeanette Lee and Semih Sayginer. We want to get more involved in the sporting side and support both carom and pocket billiards in helping provide quality products and sponsorships to world class events." commented Stanley Ng , Business Development Manager of Vigma Balls.
Vigma plans on expanding and supporting more events in the US, Asia, and other parts of the world in 2009. More info on Vigma can be found at For dealer inquires contact  
Vigma has been making quality balls for over three generations. Vigma prides itself in its unique craftsmanship built on their advanced and exclusive technology which they have perfected over several years. Vigma Balls are available at a fraction of the price of competitor's even though Vigma Balls are harder and more durable than other balls, making them more resistant to scratches and burns. Vigma now creates balls for Carom, Snooker and Pool so all players worldwide may experience better playability.