Viking Cue Introduces New Website

Viking Cue has a new website!  Thanks to feedback from our visitors, we have enhanced the content and functionality of the Viking Cue website to give our viewers a great website experience.

A new and more effective navigation menu gets you where you want to go in record time.  Another new addition to the Viking Cue website is the translator feature with over 22 languages.   

As in most new innovations in the cue industry, Viking Cue was the first to offer the “Cue Customizer” feature.  This enables the visitor to sample different color configurations of numerous cue models.  Another new feature, is our “ Cue Slider” with high-resolution product images that you can click-and-drag, to view all of the intricate details of our cues.

Take a tour of our new website at  Go to the Viking dealer locator to find a dealer near you.