Viking Cue Manufacturing, LLC Launches Two Feather $3,000 Cue Promotion

MADISON, WI.—April 2, 2012. Viking Cue Manufacturing, LLC announced the launch of an exciting promotion to introduce their new Two Feather cue line with a $3,000 Four Corner Artist Prototype cue giveaway.

Viking Cue has launched the 2012 Two Feather cue line this month with an array of 10 highly collectible cues priced from $595 to $3,595 MSRP. "Each Two Feather cue is crafted with the finest exotic materials. Every detail is touched by our craftsmen and each feature is expressed with Two Feather's distinctive artisan aesthetic. They are simply the ultimate cues: Exquisitely refined and truly exceptional," says Mark Larson, President-Viking Cue.

Viking Cue will be giving away a $3,000 Artist Prototype Four Corner cue. Be one of the first 50 to purchase a Moon Shadow, Anasazi, Four Corner or Warrior Way cue and have a 1 in 50 chance to win.  The cues will feature Genuine Ivory, Turquoise, West African Ebony, South American Snakewood and other exotic materials. Each Two Feather cue is hand crafted by Viking's top cue artisans and numbered and engraved for maximum collectability. 

Anthony Two Feather, one of the world's most celebrated cue designers, has been designing pool cues for over 20 years. His designs rely on his masterful interpretation of his Native American heritage and he is currently the exclusive Master Cue Designer for Viking Cue.

About Viking Cue 

Viking Cue Manufacturing LLC, based in Madison, Wisconsin, is the one of the world's leading American-Made designer, developer and manufacturer of authentic billiard cues, cases, shafts and accessories. It is committed to superior quality and hand craftsmanship and staying true to the principles of honesty, hard work, and integrity in its actions. 

Viking's subsidiaries include Viking Cue Repair and Valhalla Cues. The Company, which was founded in 1965, distributes its products in more than 35 countries and manufactures cues in Madison, Wisconsin. For more information visit