Viking Cue Southern Classic Results

Randy Jordan

The Viking Cue Amateur Advanced Southern Classic took place the week of November 18th thru 23rd at Mr.Cues II in Atlanta, Ga.  The Southern Classic Amateur Advanced Edition was presented by Ozone Billiards and  The attendance was astonishing with over 304 player entries in the events competing for their share of the $22,810 in prize funds up for grabs.  The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tours Southern Classic Amateur-Advanced Edition hosted players from eleven states.

The event kicked off on Tuesday, November 18th with 6 Ball tournament that drew in 60 entries including 5 free entries for women players and 4 league discounts. The 6-Ball event was won by local player Horace Godwin. The 1 Pocket tournament began Wednesday night with a field of 41 participants including 1 free ladies entry and 4 league discounts. The 1 Pocket event won by Randy Jordan from Lagrange, Ga. Thrusday night kicked off the 8-Ball Tournament with 67 players including 8 free entries and 8 league discounts.  Travis Dorn made his way thru the field to claim 1st place.

The Grand finale $6000 added 9 Ball Tournament which offered a $20 entry fee for players that had participated in any one of the previous tournaments of the week drew in a whopping 108 players that which included 10 free entries and 10 league discounts.  The participants began play Friday nite and continued until Sunday evening the competition was fierce as all battled for the share of the $9800 prize fund that was up for grabs.  Randy Jordan once again made his way to 1st place undefeated to walk away with $3000.  The Brackets for these events can be viewed at

Not only did the players have the 6-Ball, 1Pocket, 8-Ball and 9-Ball tournaments to participate in they also had several different mini tournaments that consisted of single elimination races to 5 or 7 depending on the event they chose to participate in these events coincided with the main events each evening allowing anyone that had been eliminated a second chance tournament and paid out another $3200 in tournament winnings to the players.

Mr.Cues II once again proved to be one of the ultimate pool players choice of rooms as owner Richard Sweet and his staff always go above and beyond to provide an excellent atmosphere for the tournament participants.  Mr Cues II remained open 24 hrs a day through the event to accommodate the players.  The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour staff would like to extended their deep gratitude for all Mr. Cues II, Richard Sweet and his staff have done to help make this a most memorable tournament for all that participated.

The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour SCA-A 6-Ball Payouts:
1st $1135 Horace Godwin
2nd $700  Terry Stewart
3rd $500   Danny Smith
4th $300   Jesse Middlebrook
5/6th $100 each  Adam Towery / Eddie Balderas
7/8th $50  each Randy Jordan / Denny Singletary

The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour SCA-A 1 Pocket Payouts:
1st $900 Randy Jordan
2nd $600 Danny Smith
3rd $420 Jesse Middlebrook
4th $200 Josh Hillard
5/6th $50 each Kim Bennett / Greg Burke

The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour SCA-A 8-Ball Payouts:
1st  $1700 Travis Dorn
2nd  $1000 Horace “Groundhog” Godwin
3rd  $650  Jim Jennings
4th  $420 George Rothrock
5/6th $260 each Chris Cooper / Craig McPartlin
7/8th $150 each Henry Brodt / Blair Thein
9/12th $100 each Terry Stewart / Lewis McDaniel / Arlo Walsman / Gil Hernandez

The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour SCA-A 9-Ball Payouts:
1st $3000 Randy Jordan
2nd $1800 David Vaughn
3rd $1200 Arlo Walsman
4th $750 Horace “Groundhog” Godwin
5/6th $450 each Craig McPartlin / Brain Capps
7/8th $275 each Billy Tyler / Adam Towery
9/12th $150 each Dustin Paris / Brad Ragon / Kim Bennett / Danny Smith
12/16th $100 each Josh Hillard / Russ Edwards / David Shadden / Mike Bumgarner
17/24th $75 each Ellis Brown / Gill Hernandez / Clay Medlock / Mark Ritter / Joey Ryan / Ron GilbertJeff Tabet / Eddie Little

Paul Song won the Wednesday Night $200 entry fee mini tournament.

Josh Hillard won the Wednesday Night $50 entry fee mini tournament.

Danny Smith won the Friday Night $200 entry fee mini tournament.

Mark Ritter won the Sunday $25 entry fee mini tournament