Viking Final 64

Ryan McCreesh was eliminated early

The Viking Tour National Championship at Northfield Billiards in Northfield Ohio is now down to sixty four players and while there are still a number of top seeds still in the tournament, there are a surprising number already eliminated.

Ronnie Wiseman, Howard Vickery, Ryan Mc Creesh and Tom Purich have all been eliminated while players like Danny Basavich, Tony Watson, BJ Ussery, Ron Park and Shane McMinn are all playing on the left side of the board. Also still playing on the left side of the board is Rachael Abbink, who eliminated Butch Poe 11-4 on Friday.

With the field down to 64 players, the top picks of Earl Strickland, Jose Parica and Shawn Putnam are all still on the winners side.

Brackets are online and are being updated multiple times a day. Also check out Diana Hoppe's online photo gallery from the event.

Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe