Villarreal Demolished by GYK – Asia Extends Lead 4-1

Vivian Villarreal collapses on the table after missing an easy 10-Ball for the West
Manila, Philippines - USA's Vivian Villarreal had a chance to give Team West a tie in match #4 of the Queens Cup if she could win over Asia's  Captain; Ga Young Kim. Unfortunately, her match started an eight game losing streak for the West. 
In the very first game, Villarreal had a chance to make a statement as she addressed a relatively routine 10-Ball. She missed the 10-Ball and left Kim a bankshot. Kim missed the bankshot and then Villarreal missed a long bank on the 10-Ball. Kim made the easy leftovers and though nerves were showing in the first game, Kim re-grouped and won 3 more straight for a 4-0 whitewash of the former USA #1.
"We are having daily team discussions and we can't give away our secrets on the partners matches", replied Kim in the aftermath TV interview.
Afterwards, Captain Kelly Fisher picked herself as the second singles match and she faced Siming Chen. In a lackluster match that was actually vastly important to put Team West within one match point against Asia and conceivably tie for the Day, Fisher was completely overwhelmed by Chen's offense and defense. The 18 year old Chinese easiy won with a 4-0 scoreline and the momentum continued to build for Asia.
The final match of the day will be 3-on-3 in a crucial match for the West to close the deficit.
Team Asia 4  Team West 1
Day 2 Lineup submitted by the Captains of Asia and West are as follows:
Starting 2pm LIVE roll on roll off schedule    Races to 4
Day 2 
Singles - Jasmin Ouschan  vs Pei Chen Tsai
3-on-3 -   Ga Young Kim/ Siming Chen/ Pei Chen Tsai vs Allison Fisher/KellyFisher/Vivian Villarreal 
Doubles -  Allison Fisher/Jasmin Ouschan vs Rubilen Amit / Pei Chen Tsai
4 on 4 - All players
Singles Captains Pick -   Kelly Fisher vs Siming Chen 
The Queens Cup is being played on MIN Table of Korea with Andy Cloth as the Official Cloth being used during all televised matches. Official Team Clothing is provided by Focused Apparel.  OB Cues is the Official Cue of the Queens Cup which is co-sponsored by Miracle Slots. The Queens Cup is produced by Dragon Promotions and filmed by ABS-CBN Sports and is being aired live in over a dozen countries in five continents. The Queens Cup is also being aired internationally for free on