Viper Kids Boot Camp in Junction City Kansas

Melissa Little
Fat Toad Billiards located at 741 W 6th Street, Junction City, KS will co-sponsor an exclusive “Viper Kids Boot Camp” with women’s pro player Melissa Little Aka “The Viper” at the pool hall on Thursday, August 25th, 2016 from 3:00pm – 5:00pm.
This FREE event will feature 40 kids from all over the Kansas area including invitees from the local Boys and Girls Club. The first hour, the kids will show their artistic side by decorating their pool cues and cases with stickers, markers and embellishments.
The second hour, Melissa will teach the kids the basics of pool and perform challenge matches to win additional prizes, the event will conclude with an autograph session where every child will walk away with a signed poster of the “The Viper.
With the popularity of this event, the boot camp is nearly full and Fat Toad representative Todd Faunett was overwhelmed with signs ups in the first two days. “If you’re interested in signing up your child please contact Todd at (913) 980-9808. 
A Special thank you to Fat Toad Billiards for hosting this event and sponsoring the Pizza and drink tickets for the kids. Gift bags, cues and cases were sponsored by Junction City Chamber of Commerce, Dick Edwards Auto Plaza, Dorothy's Pet Shop, Dennis Benson and Longshots Sports Bar. 
Little, is a native of Colorado and creator of these kid’s boot camps. “We need more kids participating in the sport of Billiards, and I feel extremely honored to be a part of the next generation of young players,” said Little.
For more information about Melissa and her kids boot camps please visit