Walden has a flashback, plays flawless to take the Big Tyme Classic


The First Annual Big Tyme Classic held from March 21st-24th went off as a huge success. There were six tournaments held over the four day period and all the fields were full except the Ladies one day Sunday only event and it had 28 of the 32 needed to fill, still awesome. In all there were a little over 160 different entrants to play thru out the divisions, led by the 128 full field in the $3,500 Added Main Event.

This tournament will be held once yearly if not twice, once in the spring and once in the fall. We will improve the few kinks and move forward. That is promised. Overall the event was a huge success for Big Tyme Billiards in Spring Texas, as it was the first event of this magnitude they have ever held.

We would like to thank everyone that attended. A special thanks to Ron Geyer for doing the cue repairs and Joe Salazar for bringing in his assortment of great cues. We would also like to thank Eugene Lee for streaming the entire event, I know he was tired. And all of the Big Tyme Owners Jim Henry, Debbie Sharp, Mark Avery, and Bob McFerron, as well as manager Billy Sharp.
Also thanks to Tiger Cues as they donated a cue to be raffled off for the event.

The results of the tournaments are below:

Thursday - One Pocket 16 player Single Elim:
1st - Justin Hall - $1,600
2nd - Richy Richeson - $800
3/4th - Francisco Bustamante & Lil Jon Macias - $400
Also had a final 8 auction:$2,300
1st - $1,600
2nd - $700

Friday - 9-Ball Banks 16 player Single Elim:
1st/2nd - Split Sylver Ochoa & Manny Chau - $1,200 apiece
3/4th - Justin Hall & Cliff Joyner - $400

Friday Night Single Elim. 16 player Bar Table - Winner take all $50 entry:
1st - David Guitierrez & Tony Barrington Split - $400 apiece

Sunday - Seniors 9-Ball $40 Entry ($500 added, $40 entry, Full 32 player field)
1/2 - Split between Jose Parica and Lanny Herrin $500 each
3rd - Sonny Bosshamer - $275
4th - Lewis Jones - $175
5/6th - Bobby Gonzales/Chuck Adams - $100
7/8 - Bill Fain/Bernard Chang - $65

Sunday Womens Open 9-Ball ($1000 added, $40 entry, 28 Players)
1st - Vivian Villareal - $730
2nd - Ming Ng - $500
3rd - Nicole McDaniel - $300
4th - Kimmy Nyguen - $200
5/6th - Amanda Townsend/Janeen Gardner - $125
7/8th - Kim Sanders/ Michelle Yim - $70

Main Event Auction #1:
1st - $9,000
2nd - $4,500
3rd - $3,400
4th - $2,300
5/6th - $1,500
7/8th - $1,000
9/12th - $500
Main Event Auction #2 (Final 16)
1st - $2,700
2nd - $1,350
3rd - $450
The Main Event 9-Ball was a thriller all the way to the end with multiple hill hill matches. It was played on Diamond Bar Boxes and the races were to 7 on both sides, alternate breaks, and the 9 did not count in the foot pockets on the break.  This field was led by Francisco Bustamante, Warren Kiamco, Justin Hall, Richy Richeson, Cliff Joyner, Manny Chau, James Walden, Vivian Villarreal, Jose Parica, Jon Hennessee and many other super tough players. The next event promises to be bigger and have more stars attending.
Thanks again for everyones support, we appreciate it a ton and hope to see you plus many more next time.