Waldon Kicks Off Memphis Classic IV With Mini Tourney Win

James Waldon

The Memphis Classic IV is ready to get underway at Samples Billiards in Memphis, TN.

As of the time of this writing, a field of 93 players had signed up for the main event and the sixty one player mini tournament had just finished.

The mini tournament was won by James Waldon with Chuck Raulston taking second. Greg Hogue and James Baraks finished tied for 3rd.

Top players competing in the main event include Baraks, Jesse Bowman, Nick Vita, Justin Cone, Shane Jones, Chad Vilmont, Bobby Pickle, Tony Fargo and Gary Abood.

Look for results from this event Sunday night.

Mini Tourney Payouts:
1st $500 James Walden
2nd $340 Chuck Raulston
3-4 $200 Greg Hogue, James Baraks