Walking Softly and Raffling a Big Stick

On any given weekend you can find a pool tournament - this is a given. Locally, regionally, on the amateur and professional level. At many of these events, if not a majority, one can find a cue raffle being held. More often than not the funds from these raffles either go into the prize fund or are given to the host room or as a direct fundraiser for the tournament organizers. On the professional level, raffles are often utilized for local charities. However, even though many top pro players give alot of themselves and time to charity, rarely does an individual raffle off one of their own cues directly and personally for charity.

Ralf Souquet, known for his precision on a pool table and stoic and quintessential professional demeanor in conjunction with his sponsor Joss Cues is holding a lottery for Souquet's own custom cue made in 2001. The proceeds from the raffle will go to a German homeless organization called "Die Tafel", an organization which Souquet has been involved in the past by providing clothing and food.

Souquet is selling 1000 tickets in the United States, Europe and Japan. The price of each ticket is modest at 12,00 Euro (US$15.00) for 1 ticket, 30,00 Euro (US$ 40.00) for 3 tickets, 40,00 Euro (US$ 50.00) for 5 tickets. Once all 1000 tickets are sold a raffle will be held in public at a tournament. Which event will be determined after all tickets have been sold.

In addition to the grand prize, several other items will be awarded. They are:

1st. Prize: A "one of a kind" cue by Joss from 2001, which Ralf played for half a year winning a Eurotour tournament in Austria. Materials: Ebony wood, ivory, turquoises, black palm wood, joint is made of ivory, "Ralf Souquet Joss engraved". Value app. 10.000,00 Euro (US$ 12,000)

2nd. Prize: Joss Cue, value 550,00 Euro (US$ 650.00)

3rd Prize: 1 Stroke Sports Instroke case, value 400,00 Euro (US$ 500.00)

4th Prize: 1 Sledgehammer Low-end, value 300,00 Euro (US$ 360.00)

5th Prize: 1 Polo shirt of the Ralf Souquet series, value 35,00 Euro (US$ 42.00)

To find locations where you can purchase tickets or to order them online, please visit http://www.souquet.de/ev/index_ev1.htm