We Have January Gold Mine Winners!

Five lucky Golden Ones will be starting the New Year off with some pool bling. The Lucasi Hybrid LHF-60 cue has been won by Standbykid of Florida! This gorgeous cue will be on its way as soon as I contact our winner and receive his email and shipping addresses.

The Delta-13 Elite Rack is going out to BBC. BBC, you will never want to rack with anything else again. This is a marvelous product that every time I use it I have to wonder why it took so many years for someone to get rack-making right. And yet they are still the only hard rack on the market that can deliver tight racks time after time for years and years.

We have had our first two-time winner! Joey in Cali won a Predator Air Jump cue last month and this month he wins the Shane Van Boening DVD from Tar studios. Fatboy and Avmaster have also won these DVD’s packed with instruction from one of the best players ever to hit the planet.

AZBilliards wishes to thank Lucasi for making the limited-edition cue available as well as to Delta-13 for the rack and TAR for the DVD’s. Without these participating companies the Gold Mine would not be possible.