Welcome to The 2003 WPA World Tour!

The 2003 World Tour is named for the World Pool-Billiard Association, the governing body of the sport and representative to the International Olympic Committee. IBC and WPA have teamed up to organize The 2003 WPA World Tour.

The 2003 World Tour features 12 Tournaments around the World, including:

  • 3 in Europe
  • 3 in Asia
  • 3 in North America
  • 1 in Africa
  • 1 in South America
  • 1 in Oceania
Plus a World Tour Final to determine the World Tour Champion

  • November 7-9 in Tokyo, Japan
  • Features 32 Players, including:
      Top 12 from 2002 World Tour Ranking Winner (or top player not already invited) from the 12 World Tour Events held during 2003 8 Players selected during a pre-championship qualifier held in Tokyo
  • All 24 Invited Players receive free airfare (up to $1,000) and free hotel
  • All players will receive prize money, and $25,000 will be paid to the winner, who will be named "2003 World Tour Champion"

    World Tour Ranking System

    Players earn World Tour Ranking Points, based on their performance in the 12 tournaments. Invitations to the 2004 World Tour Championship will be based in part on this year's World Tour Rankings. Everyone with IBC Ranking Points will be listed on the Official Player Ranking List on the IBC Web Site

    2003 World Tour Calendar

    Not all tournaments have been decided. Please check the web site www.ibc-tour.com later in February, when the calendar should be complete. Here are the tournaments that are on the Tour, as of today:

    Europe (3 Events)

    1. EPBF Euro Tour
    April 3-5, 2003
    St. Petersburg, Russia

    2. EPBF Euro Tour
    June 11-15, 2003
    Neuwied, Germany

    3. EPBF Euro Tour
    September 10-14, 2003
    Weert, Netherlands

    Asia (3 Events)

    1. TBA
    2. TBA
    3. TBA

    North America (3 Events)

    1. BCA Open 9-Ball Championships
    May 11-17, 2003
    Las Vegas, USA

    2. TBA

    3. TBA

    Africa (1 Event)

    1. TBA

    Oceania (1 Event)

    1. Australian Open 9-Ball Championship
    April 23-25, 2003
    Adelaide, Australia

    South America (1 Event)

    1. TBA

    World Tour Championship/Final

    WPA World Tour Championship
    November 7-9, 2003
    Tokyo, Japan

    All tournaments are independently produced. Please contact the organizer for more detailed information. IBC registration is not required to participate in the 2003 WPA World Tour. All events are sanctioned by the World Pool-Billiard Association.

    For more information visit the web site www.ibc-tour.com

    Send any questions to info@ibc-tour.com

    See you on the Tour!