Western Canadian Open Day 2

Johnny Archer and tournament director Paul Hanson

Eight thirty in the evening, and the energy was the thickest and most tense ever at Great White Billiards as the players entered the room Wednesday night for the first round of the A side. The table calls were tough for the Director of the South Venue of the Western Canadian Open 9-Ball Championships.

In the back of the room, seven time Korean Ladies Champion Kim Ga Young set out against Danny Hewitt, just out of a victory against Jim Rempe in the 10-Ball Classic in Atlantic City. Other matches included ex-snooker ace Jimmy Wych who smoothly stroked his way to an 11/4 match over Rick Marshal of British Columbia. Detroit veteran roadster Ronnie Wiseman put media favourite and trickshot artist Mike Massey to the long march on the B side 11/6. Meanwhile, his partner at the events entertainment, Mr. Cliff Thorburn sent the 'legendary Al Greenlee' over to the other side 11/3.

Over at the Oval, Ralf Souquet handed out another 11/1 loss to Dwayne Lambert, and Jeff Kennedy took Vancouverite and upcoming road warrior Mike Vidas 11/5.

Home club favorite Edwin Montal stayed alive on the A side with an 11/8 tough match over teammate Nick Kruger, who was put on the clock as the match passed the 10:30 deadline.

And...just when we thought there was enough energy in the room, the front two tables featured last year's Champion and Vancouverite Mr. John Horsfall taking out Pasadena native Corey Harper 11/7.

And finally, the feature matchup of the night saw Mr. Johnny Archer in his first match at Great White Billiards taking out another of Edwin Montal's teammates, Mr. Tyler Edey 11/4.

As this story ends, one result is in from the next bracket as Alex Pagulayan ran his way out to a quick 11/5 rout of fellow easterner Luc "Machine Gun" Salvas.

Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe

Article courtesy of Paul Hanson - Great White Billiards

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