White Diamond Billiards Spring 9-Ball Extravaganza

First and foremost: Chris and Ashley would like to thank a few people for helping our tournament to be a great success.  First, our calcutta buyers, they are the best in the nation and without them our tournament would not exist.  Second, our tournament players, they  vary in skill levels from local players, road players, semi-pro, and occasionally pro-players.  Without a doubt, they are equal in one aspect -- they have heart!!!  Some pool players tend to make excuses not to support a tournament (example:  race is too long or short, winner breaks, loser breaks, entry fee to high or too small, all the money is in the calcutta and not tournament)  we could go on forever, but we think you get the point.  That's the main reason we would like to thank the players that support the white diamonds tournaments.  Now lets get down to business!  Friday night mini-tournament had 51 solid players.  The race was to 3, $20 entry fee, no player auction, and double elimination. 1-Joey Gray $510.00, 2-Cliff Joyner $255.00,3-Benny Conway Jr $153.00, 4-Joey Aguzin $102.00

The main event March 12-13th, hosted a full field of 128 players and an alternate list of 17.  $40 entry fee, double elimination, alternate breaks, rack your own, race 7 w/l brackets. Tournament paid $6,120.00 (white diamonds added $1000.00) 1st players auction paid $35,235.00,  2nd players auction paid $11,300.00.  Total tournament payout--$52,655.00 (not bad for a $40 entry fee bar table tournament)

1st-Chip Compton
2nd-Bobby Johnson
3rd-David Parker
4th-Brandon Shuff
5-6 Jesse Bowman-Andy Jethwa
7-8 Benny Conway Jr-Jimmy Davis
9-12 Cliff Joyner, Jacob Pennison, Josh Hilliard, Joey Gray

Tournament Director-Ashley
Calcutta Auctioneer-Chris

Thanks To Everyone Again!!!
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