Williams crowned 2007 King Custom Cases Queen of the Mountain

On November 17, 2007, the Tiger Canadian Women's Pool Tour held 2007 Championship Stop at Dooly's in Waterloo, Ontario. JD Botsford, Manager, opens the door with great catering for the players. Before the tournament started, the players were awarded with End of Year trophies and cash prizes. Most 9s Off the Break was awarded to Brittany Bryant; Most Break and Runs was awarded to Naomi Williams; the Second Chance Queen Crown was awarded to Corrine Johnson; 3rd Place Overall Points was awarded to Corrine Johnson; 2nd Place Overall Points was awarded to Brittany Bryant, and 1st Place Overall Points and Tour Winner was awarded to Naomi Williams. Divisional point leaders were given cash; Zabrina Wellmans for the D - C+ Division, Darlene Gardiner B - B+ Division and Naomi Williams A - Open Division. Most Improved Player was decided by player votes with Susan Wipper receiving the award. All players were given a Tiger Product T-shirt and the points award winners were given a CWPT golf shirt. "Thank you ladies for your dedication and commitment to the Tour. You are all winners in this sport of Women's billiards", said Carolina Fernandez, CEO of the Tiger Canadian Women's Pool Tour". The event had $1,000.00 guaranteed added sponsored by Dooly's, King Custom Cases and Tiger Products, and with a relatively small field of players, the chances of winning huge cash was excellent!

Early in the evening, the field ended with the top eight players: Naomi Williams, Carrie Dwyer, Corrine Johnson, Maureen Seto, Janet Ritcey, Darlene Gardiner, Brittany Bryant and Grace Nakamura. Over on the one-loss bracket, Johnson bested Ritcey, and Gardiner was defeated by Seto. During the next match, Johnson was on fire and forced Seto to settle for 4th place. In the A-side semi final Dwyer was on a mission to bring down the almighty dominator, Williams. Her mission was completed after some amazing play which won her the hot seat status and sent Williams to the B-side bracket.

In the B-side final, Johnson was able to see a re-match for an earlier loss to Williams. Both players were looking to get back to the A-side to challenge Dwyer for the tournament title. Williams jumped out to a quick lead with a 3-0 score. But Johnson didn't give up on this match and took advantage of some missed shots and put up three scores of her own. Williams battles back to increase her lead again, now leading 6-3. The two players are both focused on winning this match and the spectators were treated to some great offensive and defensive shots, however the mighty Williams drew on her extensive skill and came out on top, forcing Johnson to accept the 3rd place prize.

Back on the A-side, Williams gets her re-match with Dwyer. In this true double elimination Williams has to beat her twice, and Dwyer is a tough player. Williams will have to step up her game in this round. In the 1st set, both players fight hard and the score is double-hill. Williams was feeling the pressure but she played an amazing out and forced the second set. After the break, the players face each other for the third time: each one determined to be the champion. Dwyer starts the match with some costly rattled shots, allowing Williams to take a 3-0 lead. However, Dwyer, another experienced player, keeps her eye on the prize and turns her game around to knot the score at three racks apiece. The match continues to go back and forth. In the 11th rack, Williams is on the hill and in this handicapped format, Dwyer only needed two more matches to win. Williams breaks and runs up to the 6-ball and plays the cue ball safe behind the 9-ball. Dwyer makes the kick, but object ball lands just shy of the pocket. Williams takes advantage and pockets the 6, 7, and 8, then leaves herself a tough cut on the 9-ball. Williams checks the table to decide to play safe or make it in the corner. Williams feels confident and cuts the 9-ball in the corner. Nice Shot. With an 8-4 score, Dwyer settles for 2nd place and Williams is the new Queen of the Mountain!