Williams Wins DCC Straight Pool Challenge

Charlie WIlliams

Each year at the DCC, Bob Jewitt adds $10,000 from his own pocket to host a Straight Pool Challenge. This year that added money included an additional $100 from another donor. 100% of all the entries also return to the prize fund.

The preliminary rounds drew 27 challengers. For $100 entry, each player gets 12 attempts at a high run starting with ball in hand on a break ball, four a day over three days. The top three high runs for each day receive a pay out of $300, $200, and $100.

Additional bonuses include $1,000 for high run overall, $1,000 bonus for a run of 200 or more (provided by Greg Sullivan and Diamond Billiards), and additional prize money from Accu-stats for a recorded run of 100 and 150 that occurs in the Accu-stats arena. All runs of 50-and-out will be allowed to continue.

The top eight players with the highest runs throughout the preliminary rounds advance to a single-elimination tournament. Among the field of eight, Ralph Eckert and Charlie Williams made their way to the finals. Eckert defeated Bobby Hunter and Alex Pagulayan while Williams defeated Beau Runningen and “Mr. 400” John Schmidt.

In the first round, Schmidt defeated Stevie Moore 100-29. Moore scratched at 12 giving Schmidt a chance at the table and it was all he needed. He ran 100 and out and was then given the opportunity to continue his run. He finished at 171, missing a 3 ball in the side pocket to end his run. Schmidt will receive an additional $1,000 for the overall high run of the tournament and $1,000 courtesy of Accu-stats for his run in excess of 150 when he returns to comment the match.

In the following round, Schmidt would find the tables turned when he scratched. Williams ran the set out winning 100-73 and continued his run to125 receiving a $500 bonus from Accu-stats for his 100+ ball run. The two-hour finals match between Williams and Eckert did not go as smoothly as they hoped. Both players were feeling the pressure. There were several missed balls and a high run of 39 by Williams, who got the job done in the end.

Daily Prizes
$300     99     John Schmidt
$200     70     Marc Vidal
$100     57     Ralph Eckert
$300     113     John Schmidt
$200     111     Ralph Eckert
$100     57     Charlie Williams
$300     156     John Schmidt
$200     99     Corey Deuel
$100     91     Beau Runningen
$300     146     Johnny Archer
$200     93     Charlie Williams
$100     82     Bobby Hunter
1st     Charlie Williams      $2,500
2nd    Ralph Eckert       $1,700
3rd     John Schmidt     $1,100
4th     Alex Pagulayan     $1,100
5th     Corey Deuel     $700
6th     Bobby Hunter     $700
7th     Stevie Moore     $700
8th     Beau Runningen     $700

29 players remain in round seven of the 9-ball event. Banks champ John Brumback lost his round 6 match to Shane Winters. Brumback is still currently in contention for Master of the Table along with Efren Reyes and Scott Frost. Still hanging on are Rodney Morris, Johnathan Pinegar, Larry Nevel, and Reyes. Still undefeated are Billy Bailey, Stevie Moore, Frost, and Alex Pagulayan.

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