Wirsbitzki Terminates Janata

Reiner Wirsbitzki (GER) Foto: EPBF/DK

8-ball to be continued tomorrow

Wednesday, 10 August 2011: In an exciting match of the last 16, Reiner Wirsbitzki defeated Jan Janata (CZE) with 7:5.

Things did not look too promising for Wirsbitzki in the beginning. Janata was holding a 2:0 and 3:1 lead. In the 5th rack, Wirsbitzki started pocketing balls but ran out of position which forced him to play a tough shot that he missed. Janata came to the table and he looked very self-convinced that he would run the rack. However, he also ran out of position on his last object ball and committed a foul. Wirsbitzki thanked for that and accepted the gift gratefully. The 6th rack was almost a repeat of the one before. Janata ran all his balls, got no position on the 8-ball and missed it. Wirsbitzki played a great safety shot and forced Janata to commit another foul. Then he ran the rack, making the score 3:3. After these mistakes it was again Janata to get into gear better than the German. He snatched two more racks, extending his lead to 5:3. But then Wirsbitzki fought back. Suddenly he made no more errors, running three racks in a row. Being on the hill with a 6:5 lead now, Wirsbitzki broke the balls but none went into a pocket. Janata got to the table, took the solids and once more missed the second last ball. Reiner Wirsbitzki got to the table and performed another perfect run out, winning the match 7:5. He will play Stefano Bazzana (ITA) in the quarter final which will be played tomorrow at 17:00 local time.

Other notable results include Stefano Bazzana (ITA) outscoring Ralf Kotewitsch (GER) with 7:3. Pascal Budo (BEL) handed a doughnut to Kent Karlsson (SWE), smashing him 7:0. Defending Champion David Plattner (SUI) was triumphant over Steve Lambrechts (BEL) with a clear 7:1 victory.

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