Wiseman Beats Reyes at US Pro Tour Championship

Ronnie Wiseman

Day Two is complete at the UPA's US Pro Tour Championship and the winners side has been trimmed to sixteen players.

The big winner on Thursday was Ronnie Wiseman who scored a hill-hill win over tournament favorite Efren Reyes. Wiseman turned in a second place performance at the UPA's last event earlier this month and is still playing well. He will face Mika Immonen on Friday.

Other marquee matches scheduled for Friday include Shawn Putnam vs Fabio Petroni, Corey Deuel vs Gabe Owen, Thorsten Hohmann vs Charlie Bryant and Tyler Edey vs Raj Hundal.

Thursday play saw the first of the players eliminated from the event as Rafael Martinez, Kim Davenport and Victor Ignacio were all eliminated.

Online brackets are updated with all results from Thursday play.

File photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe