Women’s Ten Ball Going Strong at Super Billiards Expo

Angel Paglia will face Morgan Steinman on Sunday

The Women's Professional Ten Ball Championship is now underway in Valley Forge.  

Sixteen ladies entered the event and the results in this single-elimination tournament so far include Amy Chen defeating Supadra Geronimo, Sarah Rousey taking down My-Hahn Lac, Brittany Bryant defeating Megan Smith and Liz Ford eliminating Nicole Keeney. Kelly Fisher beat Pam CImarelli and Jennifer Barretta ruined things for Borana Andoni to make it into the round of eight with Angel Paglia who put down Emily Duddy. The last lady to make it into that round is Morgan Steinman who beat Caroline Pao in a double-hill match that saw both players come up empty on their first attempt at the winning ten ball. 

The round of eight matchups are Paglia vs Steinman, Fisher vs Baretta, Chen vs Rousey and Bryant vs Ford. This event winds up on Sunday and we will report the results here on AZB.