Woodward Wins Bank Pool Ring Game at Derby Day Eight

Skyler Woodward
Horseshoe Southern Indiana
Elizabeth, Indiana.
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Young guys rule!
Let's begin with the last event from Friday night, the crowd pleasing Banks Ring game. Bustey, Shannon, Brandon Shuff, John Morra, Justin Hall, and youngest but not least, Skyler Woodward anted up $1,500 each in poker chips.
The format is to play to the last man banking. The first racks of 10 balls are for fifty an orb–per man. So, if you bank in one ball, you earn $50 from each man–$250 in all. You put a 6 pack of banks on them, as Bustey did, you earn $1500. As the rounds deepen, it's doubled: $100 a ball, then $200, and $400 and, finally, 600 hundred dollars a ball. Are you in?
The Accu-Stats Arena was packed to rafters. Lots were drawn to determine the order of play. The $50 poker chips were passing from player to player at the end of their innings. Early, in the action, Shannon was ahead with $2,850 in chips.
Interestingly enough, less than an hour later, he was all-in. That means, he had one barrel left. If someone banked in a ball before his inning, he was gone; No buy-back booth, no stake-horse putting him back in the action. It was Shannon's inning. And, he was looking at a 3 railer.
The 3-ball was hanging on the lip, deep in the jaws. The cue ball was sitting within inches of it. If he followed it in, it was spotted and the next player would swing at it. With one ball on the table and 5 bank masters, there was no way "The Cannon" was getting another shot.
Shannon summoned his diamond system experience and sent the whitey off on its mission. Sink it or he was sunk. The cue ball slowly fell to rest as the little, red orb dropped in the pocket; He was still alive. But, not for long.
He had $300 in the bank. At $100 a ball, he was the first casualty of the night. Soon, followed by another favorite, Justin Hall. John Morra was soon out of moola then, Brandon shuffled off into the night.
They had all made some incredible banks but, it was all ones and twos; they couldn't string anything together. Bustey and Skyler, on the other hand, were running rings round them. Bustey had strung a six and Tyler a 5. Fade that at $100 a ball.
About, 3 1/2 hours later, when it was just the two of them, it was raised to 600 bucks a ball. Skyler had a solid foundation of six or 8 stacks of bullets, Bustey had one, single skyscraper and, and had to dole out 24 from it to cover Skyler's last inning. His tower had crumbled. He was out of chips. Skyler had all 180 of them.
At 20 years old, one may wonder what meant more, robbing the best bankers in the world or, being runner-up at last year's Southern Classic Bank Pool Championship? You can be assured of one thing, there are many more accolades coming young Skyler Woodward's way.
The Derby City Classic 9-Ball Championships
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From 263 entrants, Efren Reyes, Johnny Archer, and John Morra, Ralf Souquet, Dennis Orcollo, Mike Dechaine, Shawn Wilkie, and new to these shores, Russian Ruslan Chinahov are still undefeated.
Corey Deuel, Carlo Biado, Jason Klatt, Thorsten Hohmann, Shawn Putnam, Niels Feijen, Huidji See, Francisco Bustamante, Darren Appleton and, wait for it, Shane Van Boening–just to name a few of the last 24, have no buy-back.
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The MoT points are still being led by Dennis, Bustey, and Efren.
2104 George Fels Memorial Straight Pool Challenge:
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We are now down to the last 3 competitors as:
On Thursday evening, with an insurmountable 113 ball run, Dennis Orcollo beat Jayson Shaw to face Semi Finalist Alex Lely on the Accu-Stats' TV table on Friday. Dennis prevailed. 
Semi finalists Huidji See and Konstantin Stepanov will play to determine who will meet Finalist Dennis Orcollo in the Accu-Stats TV Arena on Saturday.
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And, of course, there's the last day of world class 9-Ball.
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