World 10-Ball Championship Faces Equipment Crisis

Reports are coming in that the 2012 World 10-Ball Championship is in serious danger of being cancelled.

The event, scheduled to take place in Manila on October 8th - 14th, is in a state of limbo as the promoter, Yen Makabenta, finds himself unable to locate a suitable quantity of tables for the event. While there is certainly no shortage of pool tables in The Philippines, arranging the required quantity of tournament ready tables is another matter entirely.

The WPA is attempting to salvage this tournament and WPA President Ian Anderson has stepped in to try to help Makabenta with this situation.

With the event scheduled to take place in just a few short weeks, some players have undoubtedly already purchased tickets for a trip to The Philippines. There is no information on what, if any, reparations will be made to players who have lost money on non-refundable travel arrangements.

We will have more information on this issue as soon as it becomes available.