World 8-Ball Championship Day Two

Serge Das defeated Thorsten Hohmann on day two

German hopes for another world title suffered a major setback today as three of their biggest stars all tasted defeat. Thomas Engert lost to Elvis Calasang of the Phillipines 8-3, Oliver Ortmann fell 8-7 to Farhad Shaverdi of Iran and Thorsten Hohmann came up short 8-4 against Serge Das of Belgium. None of these players is as yet out of the running as it would take another defeat to eliminate any of them, but now they are all on the proverbial tightrope for staying in the field.

Sunday will be the judgement day for the field as half of them will be eliminated by the end of the day's play. Those that remain will fall into a single-elimination format with sixteen seeded players (seeded according to their performance thus far) and the remaining players drawn into the brackets.

That is when the suspense will kick into high gear as any match loss from then on out will mean elimination from the tournament. The players are now used to the tables and playing conditions and so excuses are at a minimum.

Play will begin at 2 PM on Sunday at the Al Bushtan Hall in Fujairah. Complete results as of the end of play Saturday are listed below.

Results From Day Two

Fabio Petroni (ITA) v Zbyniek Vaic (RSA) 8-2
Michael Felder (AUT) v Lee Vann Corteza (PHI) 2-8
Saleem Al Juneebi (UAE) v Mohammed Asim (IND) 8-5
Rizandro Arrieta (VEN) v Efren Reyes (PHI) 2-8
Chia-Ching Wu (TPE) v Thomas Damm (GER) 8-6
Jason Klatt (CAN) v Elvis Calasang (PHI) 3-8
Carlos Alburez (GUA) v Kareem Al Gendi (EGY) 0-8

Saeed Al Mutawe (UAE) v Naif Al Jeweni (KSA) 3-8
Thomas Engert (GER) v Goran Mladenovic (SCG) 3 -8
Mario Tolentino (PHI) v Niels Feijen (NED) 4-8
Nasser Al Mujebel (KUW) v Omran Salem (UAE) 8-3
Mohammed Aseel (EGY) v Günter Geisen (GER) 5-8
Thorsten Hohmann (GER) v Serge Das (BEL) 4-8
Farhad Shaverdi (IRA) v Oliver Ortmann (GER) 8-7

Joven Bustamante (PHI) v Roberto Freitas (ANT) 8-2
Henrik Asperup (DEN) v Muhammed Al Hosani (UAE) 8-2
Hui-Kai Hsia (TPE) v Lee Vann Corteza (PHI) 8-3
Alec Evreniadis (AUS) v Nick v.d. Berg (NED) 0-8
Kevin Becker (GER) v Michael Felder (AUT) 8-5
Omar El Serkal (UAE) v Issa Al Boloshi (UAE) 3-8
Ronnie Alcano (PHI) v Joven Alba (PHI) 8-6

Table 1: Erik Hjorleifson (CAN) v Satoshi Kawabata (JPN) 8-5
Table 2: Rafath Habib (IND) v Hani Al Howri (UAE) 4-8
Table 3: Ben Nunan (AUS) v Arif Allah (PAK) 8-2
Table 4: Dennis Orcollo (PHI) v Aki Heiskanen (FIN) 8-2
Table 5: James Ortega (PHI) v Francisco Bustamante (PHI) 5-8
Table 6: Karl Boyes (GBR) v Naoyuki Ohi (JPN) 8-5
Table 7: Salah AL Rimawi (UAE) v Alexander Dremsizis (GER) 8-3