World 8-Ball Final 56

Antonio Lining (File Photo)

After almost four days of play, we are down to the final 56 players at the 2011 World 8-Ball Championship. The final match of the group stages saw Jason Klatt come back from a 5-3 deficit to defeat Mehdi Rasekhi and qualify for the final stage of the event.

The unique format for this event sees the top eight players from the group stages being rewarded with first round byes in the final stage of the event. Those players are

Antonio Lining
Darren Appleton
Nick Van Den Berg
Karl Boyes
Jun Ling Chang
Oliver Mendenilla
Bashar Hussain
Vincent Facquet

Facquet was actually tied with Phuc Lung Nguyen for the eighth seed and defeated Nguyen 3-2 in a tiebreaker to earn the first round bye.

There is one round of play in the final sixty four scheduled for Wednesday night with the following matches taking place...

Carlo Dalmatin vs Yukio Akakariyama
Po Cheng Kuo vs Alok Kumar
Takheti Zarekani vs Thorsten Hohmann
Phuc Long Nguyen vs Shane Van Boening
Joven Alba vs Efren Reyes
Ronnie Alcano vs Shaker Wahdaw
Mohammed Abdulmohsen Alhazmi vs Oliver Ortmann
Marcus Chamat vs Huidje See

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