World Games Day 4

What would have been a great Gold Medal Finals match would have to settle for the semi-final match between the Hitman Thorsten Hohmann and The Rocket Rodney Morris. Both players, sponsored and managed by Dragon Promotions, showed their true sportsmanship and friendship as they frequently talked and chatted in between games smiling and joking. But both players gave a 100% dramatic performance as the match started off with Hohmann playing flawlessly to capture the momentum early at 4-0. Then it was all Rocket, as he came back to make the match even at 6-6. Hohmann capitalized on his great breaking skills to win on his breaks, while Rocket struggled to get a good reaction off of the referee's racks on his break 3 consecutive times. Hohmann got to the hill first at 10-8 and looked like he was going to close the match out, but Rodney came with a great bank shot on the ball to run out and make it 10-9 and proceeded to run out on his last break to make the score even at 10-10. Thorsten broke the final rack and made a ball and an open table that seemed deceivingly easy, but nothing is easy at hill hill. Thorsten ran out perfectly until the 7 ball where he under hit it and missed position on the 8 ball leaving him a thinner cut on the 8 ball than he wanted. He made the 8, but the cue ball went wild and hit the nine and almost scratched in the corner , but it came out leaving Thorsten a long down the rail shot on the nine. Thorsten took a moment, lined up, and fired the nine down the rail into the heart of the pocket for the win! Rodney was the first to congratulate him. "I played a great match against Thorsten, but he just broke well throughout the match and I came up dry a few times. I wish I was breaking at 10-10, but he won the lag by less than a millimeter, and that makes the difference at the end. But he definitely showed why he's one of the worlds best" said the laid back Morris.

On the other side, Vrakas from Greece ended his Cinderella run as he lost to Chang from Taiwan 11-7. After that, he had to face the Rocket and everyone wondered if he had anything left to take on another upset in the event. But the World Championship Semi Finalist Morris had other plans and he was not to be denied. He played a flawless set and was relentless against the Grecian. Trailing 5-1, Vrakas seemed to lose hope in the match and went for some flyer shots desperately trying to change the tone of the match. Morris continued to take advantage of every opportunity and built a insurmountable lead and final victory at 11-2. "The difference in that match was that I was completely focused. Man, if I play like that all the time I would have been Philippines Champion, World Champion, and Korea CHampion and gold medal all the way baby! Anyway, 2 bronze medals and 23k cash on this trip is not so bad. All gold next time!" Said the Rocket.

On the womens side, Jasmin Ouschan continues to fulfill the pool prophecies set out before her and turn more people into believers as she dominated Line Kjorsvik 9-5 to make it to the finals. Jennifer Chen cruised through Korea's #1 Sung Hyun Jung 9-4 in a error filled match for Jung who did not look like the same player who beat Villarreal earlier on. Jung then continued her dismal day with a loss to Kjorsvik 9-6 for the bronze.

In the carom Dick Jaspers defeated Sayginer to meet Daniel Sanchez in the finals. Sayginer ended up with Bronze after defeating his fellow countryman.

In snooker, 18 year old Jun Hui Ding continued his brilliant play destroying all of his opponents thus far losing only 1 frame the whole event. He enters the gold match tomorrow against Gerard Greene of UK.