World Games Final Day

A repeat of Germany vs Taiwan again 4 years later in the mens division as Thorsten Hohmann took on Taiwans Pei Wei Chang. 4 Years ago Ralf Souquet took on Ching Shun Yang where Yang prevailed. Hohmann, who has been suffering from constant headaches, breath shortness and a summer cold for 4 weeks all through his asia trip with 2 doctors visit in Taiwan, toughened up to try to finish his 5 week world tour.

Chang took a commanding lead at the start 4-0. Then it was all Hohmann as he capitalized on Chang's mistakes to take the lead at 5-4. Hohmann than had an almost straight in 5 ball but pounded it too hard and the 5 popped out. Chang tied and then took the lead. Hohmann than had another chance to tie it and he did at 6-6. Chang then made a big error to let Hohmann back in with an easy 5 ball run. Hohmann failed to capitalize though, and this was a huge turning point. Chang went on to win the next 3 games for a 10-6 lead. Hohmann probably made more mistakes in this one match than in all his matches put together the last 2 months, which made this match so rare in form for him.

Just when all had counted Hohmann out, he needed Chang at the least to make errors on his break for the Hitman to come back at all. And Chang did exactly that, as he scratched on the first shot after the break. Could Hohmann run out as he had blown 4 consecutive racks already? The Hitman resumed form and ran out to make it 10-7. Then he broke and ran the next rack to make it 10-8. Chang, under pressure, again made an elementary error and hooked himself out of nowhere and proceeded to foul and give Thorsten ball in hand again and now it was 10-9. Thorsten again kept the pressure on Chang as Hohmann then fired another run out to the delight and cheers of the German crowd as their hero made the gold medal match come down to the last game. But again at 10-10, it would be Chang's break and the Taiwanese had been breaking so well so far. A smash, and 2 balls in, with an open shot on an easy 1 to 5 combo and open table dampened the crowds spirit.

Could there be one more unforced error? He made the combo but hooked himself afterwards. He tried to masse and barely touched the 1 ball and Hohmann was surprised when the referee said that Chang had indeed touched the one ball. Now Hohmann faced a long tough one ball and looked as if he could not see enough of the one ball to make it. Hohmann studied the shot for what seemed an eternity, getting up and down several times building the drama. Hohmann then re asserted himself, trusting his solid form and eagle eyes and fired in the one ball with perfect position for the 2 ball. Hohmann maneuvered perfectly to the 6 ball giving himself 4 balls left on the table and it looked like certain victory. Hohmann made the 6 ball but missed the very next shot with the 7 ball hitting both points on the side and hanging on fates lip. Chang came to the table with a huge smile of happiness and disbelief. 3 stops shots later Chang won the Gold for Taiwan and Hohmann would be left to think about what could have been.

Chang, not fluent in english said afterwards, "I'm lucky!" Hohmann, sponsored by Lucasi Cues and Dragon Promotions, commented, "I played 3 consecutive 11-10 matches. I haven't felt my best, but I know I could have played better here." and with a grin he added, "I guess I'm not as cool a customer as I thought." Thorstens 5 week tour of events yielded him a quarter final finish in World Championships, quarter final finish in Korea, and a silver medal at the World Games. For Chang, it was great moment in his career after suffering a 2nd place finish in his other world title event.

On the womens side, Jasmin Ouschan , who just turned 19, is on her way to fulfilling the great expecatations of the pool world as she dominated Taiwan's Jennifer Chen 9-5. Jasmin, filled with joyous emotion threw her hands in the air with an enormous smile for the crowd as she claimed the gold for Austria.

In the Carom Finals, it came down to the very last shot as Dick Jaspers and Daniel Sanchez put on a clinic for the audience. Sanchez made the 40 points first, but according to the rules, since Jaspers had 37 points he would be allowed to attempt a tie from a break shot. Jaspers made 3 in a row to tie the match at 40-40. Now sudden death as each player had one inning to make their highest run for the win. Sanchez from the breakshot made 2 points with disappointment on his face, knowing this may not be enough for a gold. Jaspers, who just made a 3 run to tie from the break, made the opening shot but had unfortunate luck as his cueball froze on top of the yellow, jacking him up severely for the next shot. After long consideration, Jaspers went for the shot but missed badly giving Sanchez and Spain the gold for the second time.

In the Mens Snooker, Gerard Greene made his attempt to stop the China Express Jun Hui Ding. Ding, losing only one frame the entire event, looked invincible. Greene free rolled quickly the first game, but Ding came back with 3 straight wins. Ding needing 1 game, then seemed to feel the heat of the gold as he made several mistakes letting Greene come back to tie at 3-3. Down to the last game, and last few balls, Greene and Ding played a long safety battle. Greene went for an easy bridge shot, but missed. Fortune on his side though, the red went 2 rails and into another pocket allowing him to take the lead on points. Later, Ding went for a safety that resulted in a scratch and Greene went on to win the gold for Great Britain.

It was an exciting day for the finale as all 3 mens division matches went down to the last game.

Final scores: Carom Sanchez 42-41 Jaspers
Snooker Greene 4-3 Ding
Pool Men Chang 11-10 Hohmann
Women Ouschan 9-5 Chen