World Pool Series Announces Media Coverage

The World Pool Series is happy to be able to announce the full details of our media coverage for the 9-Ball Players Championship.
For 2018, the WPS has decided to return to pay-per-view in co-operation with UpState Al to ensure that the fans get the best coverage possible with the production being focused on the feature table with some selected matches available via Facebook Live. UpState Al is well known already all over the world for the live streams he provides and the WPS is looking forward to adding his knowledge to the media team
Daily passes for the PPV are now available to be purchased for $8,95 a day or $24,95 for full access over four days from April 19 until the 22nd.
The WPS will also be offering more live updates via our social media pages in co-operation with On The Wire Creative Media. Ra Hanna and Beau Runningen have been added to the WPS Team for our events in 2018. OTW is based in Los Angeles, CA. and they have been making quite a splash in the pool world over the last few years, predominately due to their viral on the spot reporting, live stream videos, and tournament promotions. OTW has become a highly sought-after choice of professional pool in America as they have a laser sharp focus on two elementary things: Relationships and Results.
“We consider OTW an extension of our clients’ organization, working hard to establish a professional but personal collaborative relationship.” says Ra Hanna. We are looking forward to teaming up with the WPS to continue our vision of exposing the exciting world of professional cue sports to the masses.”
Darren Appleton (Founder) & Shirley Ang (General Manager): “We will be providing more articles on our own site, more videos on YouTube, and more updates on all of our social media channels. We hope that the decisions we have taken for the WPS for this season will be supported by our fans and the players. We understand that there have been a lot of changes but we believe that they are for the better of the future of the WPS. But we need all players and fans to stand behind us while we go through these changes to be able to offer everyone the best tournaments in the world one day!”
Fans are invited to come and watch the best players in the world compete against each other at Steinway Billiards. Tickets can be bought online for $10 a day or $30 for all four days. Fans can also choose to buy VIP access for $15 a day or $45 for the whole event, which will give better seating, waitress service, and a goodie bag!