World Team Championship Final Four

It's still a great show here at the World Team Championship in Hannover/Germany. On day seven, the quarterfinals took place. The focus of the spectators was, of course, the team from Germany 2 which had a great fight against the young-guns from Russia.

After the first doubles match and the first 9-Ball-singles match, the score was tied as Oliver Ortmann failed to give his team mate position for the deciding 8 to make it 2:1 for Germany. Dominic Jentsch missed and Russia had an easy layout to win the game.

Germany seemed to be a little shocked about that. Neither Ortmann, Jentsch or John Blacklaw played on their best level so Konstantin Stepanov and Ruslan Chinahov had more or less no problems to mark the third and fourth point and Russia went through to the semis.

The Philippines also entered the round of the last 4 teams. The match against the polish team was quite close but Dennis Orcullo decided the match with a 7:3 in 10-Ball over Radoslaw Babica.

The Greece team with Evangelos Vettas is still on cloud nine. After the thrilling win over the US-Boys in the last 16 it was now Switzerland who fell. Only one match was close whilst the other three wereeasy wins for the Greece guys. 4:0 was the final result.

The highlight of the day was China against Great Britain. In the deciding match it was former world champ Darren Appleton who fought back after being down 2:6 in the against Haitao Liu. In the last rack very strange things happened. Appleton scratched on the six ball, but Liu also scratched on his first show with ball in hand !!

So we saw another Shoot-Out in the Hannover's Pool-Arena. And this Shoot-Out was by far the best and most exciting Pool-action that took place so far. Normally it is a race to six but this time it was a race to 27 !

One team must win by at least two points and this finally happened after more than half an hour of shooting. It was 9-Ball world champ Daryl Peach who secured the place in the semis for him and his friends from the UK.

Today we'll see the semi-finals which are:

Philippines – Russia
Greece – Great Britain

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