World Ten Ball Final Sixteen

Lee Van Corteza

The 2nd Annual World 10-Ball Championship is down to just sixteen players and the last round ended with a bang as Filipino favorite Lee Van Corteza may have forged the comeback of the tournament.

Corteza trailed Yu-Lung Chang 6-1 and 7-2 before coming back to win the match 9-8, much to the delight of a crowd full of very vocal fans. The fans were not done however, as they then moved on to cheer for the end of Dennis Orcullo's 9-7 comeback win over Hayato Hijikata.

The Philippines find themselves well represented in the final sixteen with 6 players still hoping for the 10-ball crown.

Unfortunately, there has to be a list of losers to go along with the list of winners in any round of play. Players eliminated in the round of thirty two included Ralf Souquet, Marlon Manalo, Thorsten Hohmann and Fong Pang Chao.

Other marquee matches coming up in the round of sixteen include Mika Imomonen vs Nick Van Den Berg, Warren Kiamco vs Daryl Peach, Corteza vs Thomas Engert and Darren Appleton vs Marcus Chamat.

The event will play down to just four players by the end of the day, before crowning a champion on Monday.