World Ten Ball Rules Announced

The WPA is pleased to announce the release of the Official World Rules for the game of Ten Ball. These rules may now be found at the WPA Website, In conjunction with this release, the WPA is also very pleased to announce that efforts are underway to produce the first WPA-sanctioned World Ten Ball Championships. An announcement concerning this will be forthcoming when details are finalized.

The game of Ten Ball has rapidly grown in popularity over the last few years and the WPA felt compelled to bring this game into official status and to eliminate any confusion concerning the game format by releasing a uniform rule set that players from all corners of the world may reference and use as a common playing platform.

We at the WPA look forward to witnessing the growth of the game of Ten Ball. As the governing body of pool the WPA is always excited by developments such as this that will help expand the horizons of our sport and bring in even more players and fans. As the game of pool evolves, the WPA will always assist promoters, players, fans and sponsors in whatever manner is appropriate to grow the sport and serve the world-wide interests of pocket billiards.

The WPA encourages all players and promoters to carefully study the new Ten Ball rule set and to utilize these rules in all Ten Ball competitions. Players from every continent will benefit from the uniformity and consistency that this rule set will bring to the new discipline.

Best Wishes,
Ian Anderson, President
World Pool-Billiard Association