WorldPPA Joins US Bar Table Championships

CueSports International (CSI) and Bob Beaulieu, owner of the WorldPPA organization, are proud to announce the WorldPPA Reno Shootout. The WorldPPA event will be held in conjunction with the CSI 19th US Bar Table Championships at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino, Reno, Nevada. The date for the US Bar Table Championships is February 12-19 and the WorldPPA will take place February 17-19.
The move to the Grand Sierra afforded CSI four times the tournament space than was previously available and the ability to provide more choices for players, such as with the WorldPPA event.

The WorldPPA was established in 2007. Its purpose is to promote billiards, introduce new players to the sport and to organize handicapped tournaments to allow players of all skill levels the opportunity to enjoy competitive play.

While the two events will be held side by side, the WorldPPA will take place on Diamond 9' tables and be a 9-Ball handicapped event based on the WorldPPA handicap system. Long considered the premier bar table event in the United States, the $25,250 added US Bar Table Championships is a seven day multi-event tournament held on 7' Diamond tables and attracts players from across the globe.
The event is open to all players. Bad Boys Billiard Productions will direct both events using the CueSports Tournament System ( CSI will be processing the entries for both the US Bar Table Championships and the WorldPPA Reno Shootout. Players in the Reno Shootout who are not already members of the WorldPPA or have a WorldPPA handicap will be evaluated and assigned a handicap by the WorldPPA organization.

Registration for both the 19th US Bar Table Championships and the WorldPPA Reno Shootout are available online at the CSI CueSports Tournament System ( You may also enter by submitting your completed entry form via mail or fax to the CSI office. For details and entry information about the 19th US Bar Table Championships and the WorldPPA tournaments visit Details about the WorldPPA and handicap system can be viewed at

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