WPA Grows to 26 Events in 2012

Jet-Setting pro players will have a busy time this year even if they limit themselves only to WPA-sanctioned events. The recently released calendar of events (http://www.wpa-pool.com/web/sports_calendar) lists 26 events this year with payouts totaling over three million dollars. This expansion of the number of available events is most impressive when viewed in the light that only ten years ago there was but one WPA event per year.

The majority of these events are in either the mid-east or Asia. This is the part of the world where pool has really caught fire with the public and where sponsors are seeking opportunities. Indeed, the 'old world' of pool, America and Europe, only have a handful of these events between them. But the Philippines has six events this year, China has at least seven and the mid-east at least four. Korea and Nicaragua both have an event and a World Teams event will reappear this year as well.

So while the popularity of pool in the west may be waning (as measured by the number of pro events) it is growing on a world-wide basis. The world calendar of events has never been so filled as it is today.