WPA Honors Orcullo and Chen as POY

The Philippines'  Dennis Orcullo  may have been dumped out of the recent World 8-ball Championship in the round of 32, but he didn't leave Fujairah, UAE empty handed.

The 2011 World 8-ball Champion finally received his beautiful Tag Heuer watch in recognition of winning the 2011 WPA Player of the Year award.  The watch was given over to Orcullo on the last day of the tournament by WPA President Ian Anderson as the Filipino great was about to leave for the Philippines.

“You are a worthy champion,” Anderson told Orcullo.  “Wear this watch with pride because you deserve it. Congratulations.”

“I am very happy to receive this award,” Orcullo said. “I'm also happy to bring honor to my country.”

 Anderson then travelled to China to meet with Chinese billiard officials regarding several new upcoming events to be held there. While in China, the WPA president recently had a chance to meet up with 2011 WPA Female Player of the Year, Chen Siming, and presented the 18 year old pool star with her Tag Heuer watch.

“You are a great young  talent and a great representative of your country,” Anderson told Chen. “Congratulations. I have no doubt I'll be presenting you with more awards in the coming years.”

“I'm honored to receive this award,” Chen said in Chinese as beaming Chinese Billiard officials looked on. “I will try my best to play good this year too.”

The WPA Player of the Year awards are determined by whichever player receives the most ranking points in a given calendar year.  Players earn ranking points  by competing in WPA sanctioned events. The number of points in an event is determined by the size of the field and the size of the prize fund.