WPA Player’s Championship Qualifiers

With the US Open 9-Ball Championship taking place on April 13th, the WPA is once again holding their WPA Player’s Championship at Griff's in Las Vegas on April 7th - 11th. 
Anyone looking to play in this $53,000 added event that isn’t already registered, has one last avenue to get into the big event. While the 48 WPA Member spots are full, there are still sixteen qualifier spots available for players. 
The qualifiers will be April 7th and 8th, with the top eight players on each day earning their paid spot in the main event. Both qualifiers are races to five with alternating break. Entry is $250 for both days of qualifiers, or just $150 for one day. 
As if paid entry into the Player’s Championship wasn’t enough enticement to play, the top finishing player from each day of the qualifiers will win paid entry to the US Open 9-Ball Championship, and another player of each day will win paid entry into the 2020 US International. If the player who wins the US Open spot is already registered, he will be awarded the free entry to the US International, and the US Open prize will go to the next highest finishing player who is unregistered.
Full tournament information and entry forms are available at www.wpapool.com or https://www.playcsipool.com/2020-wpa-players-championship.html