WPA Provides GAP Event for Players in Manila

The World Pool Association has provided $10,000 in funding this week for the GAP event being held this week at Star Billiards in Manila that may be viewed at: www.ustream.tv/channel/starbilliards-tv

This event came about because the WPA realized that with only a week between the Beijing Open and the World Ten Ball Championship, there would be no proper time for players to return home. So $10,000 was provided to Ralf Souquet (who graciously volunteered his time and efforts to run the event) so that the players could have an informal "fun" event during that gap period.  

This is a casual event. Run by the players and for the players in order that they might have some relaxing time together to play and socialize with the opportunity to win some money to help defray their travel costs to play in these WPA events.  

Should the players report that this was something they enjoyed then the WPA looks forward to doing this same sort of event in the future. After all, pool is supposed to be fun! And it is the hope of the WPA that this event is fun for all who have the opportunity to participate.