WPA Sanction Granted to U.S. Open 9-Ball

Despite a few hiccups in recent years about prize money being paid in a timely fashion, the WPA has agreed to continue its sanctioning of the US Open for 2013. Promoter of this event, Mr Barry Behrman has given written assurance that prize money for this years event will be secured prior to the commencement of the event in order to avoid delays with payments to players. It is important to note that despite some problems, there are no players who have never received their prize money.

The WPA has made it clear to Mr Behrman that it cannot be associated with events that do not deliver what they advertise. WPA President, Ian Anderson, said "the WPA is happy to continue its association with an event that has the history of the US Open, and one where the promoter works so diligently to make it an outstanding success. We are grateful for the hard work that Mr. Behrman and his daughter Shannon contribute to maintain their tournament as the highest profile event in the USA. This will be the 38th consecutive year that the event has been held, quite an achievement".