WPBA Announces New Ranking Points System For 2010

The Women's Professional Billiard Association, in its continuing efforts to promote our sport and generate increased interest, is announcing a new rolling ranking system beginning in 2010.  After the first event of next season, rankings will be determined by using the results from the previous 6 events on a sliding percentage scale. In addition, the point allocations are changing.  Point's values and sliding scale details are as follows:  

Finish   Points        w/ one loss
1              20,000          19,000      
2              15,000          14,000      
3-4           12,000          11,000      
5-8           10,000           9,000       
9-16           8,000           7,000       
17-24         5,000            
25-32         3,000            
33-48         2,000            
49-64            500                                      
Minimum number of total events in the season (10) before we award 1 1/2 points for majors
Rankings & Seeding will be determined based on the previous 6 events points using a reduced sliding percentage scale as follows:  
Most recent event points awarded at 100%
Second most recent event points awarded at 90%
Third most recent at 80%
Fourth at 70%
Fifth at 60%
Sixth at 50%
Our voting player membership's input and suggestions were critical to establishing this new system and we believe the balance between having the 6 previous events points plus the sliding percentage scale should more accurately reflect who the top-most consistent players are while allowing all players an equal opportunity to rise in the rankings.