WPBA Announces Rejuvenated Regional Tour Program

The Women’s Professional Billiard Association (WPBA) has made great strides in the last two years to expand the number of Tour stops on the WPBA Tour, and currently seven stops are already scheduled for 2020. In alignment with our strategic goals to expand the tour, the Board of Directors is revitalizing the Regional Tour Program (RTP).
To date, three regional tours have committed to joining the program:
Tiger SMART Tour (Belinda Calhoun)
Florida Coastal Ladies Tour (Janis Sessions)
Tiger Florida Tour (Mimi McAndrews)
Both the Tiger Florida Tour and Florida Coastal Ladies Tour are coordinating their efforts and schedules to maximize opportunities for the women players in their region.
Major points within the new program include:
* There is no annual WPBA affiliation fee for any women’s Regional Tour.
* A women’s Regional Tour must offer a minimum of 4 regional tour stops per year.
* Players on any WPBA-affiliated Regional Tour are not required to join the WPBA.
* WPBA-affiliated Regional Tours need not be exclusively affiliated to only the WPBA.
* WPBA-affiliated Regional Tours may use tour stops as qualifiers to WPBA Pro Tour events if applied for in advance.
As more women’s Regional Tours affiliate to the WPBA, the WPBA plans to reintroduce its annual Regional Tour Championship (RTC).  Current women’s Regional Tours or promoters desiring to initiate their own women’s Regional Tours may contact the WPBA at wpbaoffice9@gmail.com / (855) 367-9722 for affiliation applications and/or materials to assist in the formation process.
The WPBA Board of Directors is committed to providing opportunities for the next generation of women to become professional billiards players and join the ranks of our dedicated cadre.