WPBA Final Four

Monica Webb will face Vivian Villarreal

The WPBA Championship is now down to just four players with hopes of winning the event.

Kelly Fisher started the Saturday matches with a 7-0 whitewash of Helena Thornfeldt.

Next up was Sarah Rousey vs Gerda Hofstatter. Rousey did not show any of the nerves expected at a first television match and easily won the match 7-3.

In the third match of the day, Vivian Villarreal scored a 7-3 win over Xiao-Ting Pan. The match was close early, and was tied at 3-3 before Villarreal took control and won the last four games.

Last up, was Karen Corr vs Monica Webb. This match was close, but Webb pulled out a 7-4 win to earn her place in the semi-finals.

Sunday matches will feature Fisher vs Rousey and Villarreal vs Webb and then the finals  between the two winners.

Complete brackets and updates from each match are available at the WPBA website.