WPBA Launches Online Mall on Tour Website

Much like many other arenas of the world we live in today, professional pool is in a state of evolution and change. Many of the old ways of doing things no longer work as well as they used to, so the organizations within the sport need to adapt to be able to survive.
As many fans who have been following the WPBA (Women’s Professional Billiard Association) have taken note of, there have been a decline in the number of tour events over the previous few years. However, the WPBA and their newly-appointed Director of Events Rich Sacco are looking to get the tour back on track to a brighter future for the players and the sport.
With a strong history of experience in both the business world and the billiards world, Sacco (former owner of Castle Billiards in East Rutherford, NJ) is taking steps to make the tour a success once again. One of the key things he is focused on is transforming the tour’s website (WPBA.com) into a platform for generating revenue.
In speaking with Sacco, he addressed a key issue the sport faces today. “The problem with pool is that we’re trying to be a business and a sport, but we have no money. Other sports already have that base covered, so we need to find a way to earn it,” said Sacco.
With the help of Sacco, WPBA.com has become the host of an online mall for many popular companies and products, and a portion of the sales will go toward funding the tour. “We now have over 100 businesses for shopping on the site. When anyone makes a purchase through the site, the WPBA will make a commission from it,” Sacco explained.
As was recently announced, the tour has also introduced an online catalog of past recorded matches on WPBA.com, available to members of the site. The site’s membership is currently free, but will be introducing a member fee in the future. The tour is also anticipating changes for watching events live, and plans on launching their own live stream for events, directly from WPBA.com.
Progress is on the horizon for the world’s premier women’s pro billiard tour. “We’re looking forward to having more events, at least six, in 2014. The WPBA is on its way to being a business. With the online mall and putting together the streaming, we plan on having more to offer for both the tour’s players and fans.”