WPBA Pro Monica “The Assassin” Webb signs with N’ The Zone Sportswear Ahead of WPBA Invitational

Monica Webb

Two-time WPBA Champion Monica “The Assassin” Webb has joined N’ The Zone Sportswear’s All-Pro Team of sponsored players.

“I chose Monica because of her personal background and accomplishments as a player,” Jemal Elmore, owner of N’ The Zone said, “Between those two traits, she’s the perfect person to represent the face of my brand.”

In addition to her tournament triumphs, Webb is one of the top 10 players in the WPBA and will be competing in the WPBA Sondheim Kiwanis Invitational coming up in Sept, 2021.

Webb and Elmore collaborated to design the Assassin collection, from which Webb will be wearing The Gladius, featuring the USA’s colors, during her upcoming WPBA appearance. This collection is available for purchase now on N’ The Zone’s online store.

“I can’t wait to compete in a WPBA event! Especially wearing our country’s colors!” Webb said.

Webb, who is an avid hiker and the owner of the Stix Billiards and Sports Bar in Georgia, says that she really loves the designs and quality of the collection.

“I am extremely picky with my clothes. I don’t wear it if it doesn’t feel good, is purposeful for whatever I am doing, and enhances my confidence while wearing,’ Webb said, “This company checks all of those boxes.”

This collection is now available for purchase.

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